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Bartomeu probably never expected that the assistants and successors he personally recruited would cause such a big disturbance in the future.


A few days ago, six Barcelona high-level leaders headed by Rosad resigned and then publicly criticized the abuse of power and corruption within the club. Barcelona officials immediately denied and filed a lawsuit against Rosad, but the latter said that he would never shrink from holding the evidence.


Faced with such things, the fans went from shock to anger to confusion, and in the end they had no choice but to find the home team in such trouble. People can't help asking: Once a partner on a front, the "Prince" who was erected not long ago, has turned against each other in just a few months?


Before 2020, when you talk to a Barcelona fan about Emily Rosad, the opponent will probably slowly put a series of question marks on the head: Who is this person?

2020年之前,当您与巴塞罗那球迷谈论艾米莉·罗莎德(Emily Rosad)时,对手可能会慢慢在头上打上一系列问号:这个人是谁?

Just a few words. He is a native of Barcelona and has several bachelor's and master's degrees in business administration, economics and taxation. He founded the first private power company in Spain called Factor Energia, which currently has an annual turnover of 400 million euros.

只是几句话。他是巴塞罗那人,拥有工商管理,经济学和税收学等多个学士和硕士学位。他在西班牙成立了第一家私营电力公司,名为Factor Energia,目前的年营业额为4亿欧元。

Just like the other big bosses of the "cabinet", after Bartomeu won the Barcelona presidential election in 2015, he personally went to the door and invited Rosad to his board of directors. What he fancy is undoubtedly his successful business experience and years of management experience.


At first, he was in charge of social affairs in Barcelona. Not only as the highest person in charge of social media, but also actively leading the club to participate in various social activities.


Later, he became the head of special affairs on the board of directors and also served as the chief assistant to the chairman. Due to the long vacancy of Barça’s previous long-term vacancy in charge of overall sports affairs, Bartomeu has been concurrently serving as the vice chairman and related affairs. Therefore, Rosad is considered to be one of the main think tanks and executives of the club’s major decisions.


This kind of behind-the-scenes role is impossible for fans to recognize. And before he stepped onto the stage, it was just what happened in 2020.


In January of this year, Rosad became Barcelona’s vice chairman in charge of athletic affairs. At the same time, many media outlets reported:


Speaking of it, after Bartomeu publicly announced that he would not participate in the 2021 presidential election, the estimated successor was not Rosad, but Aldonnell.


Aldonnell is much more famous in the circle of Barcelona members and local fans than Rosad.


——His grandfather participated in the Barcelona presidential election in 1978, but lost to Núñez. Later, he was the first vice chairman of the club for 25 years, and he was a veteran and stood firm.


——He himself has been invited by Roselle to the board of directors since 2010, and has been fully responsible for communication and related matters between the club and its members as the vice chairman. This is a huge advantage in a membership club where votes are extremely precious.


——He has been at the same table with Bartomeu since he was 6 years old. After that, the two of them were classmates all the way to university. Knowing Roselle was also a bridge for Bartomeu, and later the three also started a company together.


——He was included in the Barcelona membership list by his grandfather when he was two years old. The membership number of No. 4314 is higher than that of recent Barcelona presidents, and it is so pure that it can no longer be pure red and blue DNA. He also stated on various occasions more than once: "Becoming Barcelona chairman is not only my ideal, but also the dream of our entire family!"

-他两岁时被他的祖父列入巴塞罗那成员名单。 4314号的会员人数比巴塞罗那最近的总统都高,而且如此纯净,以至于它不再是纯正的红色和蓝色DNA。他还多次在不同场合表示:“成为巴塞罗那董事长不仅是我的理想,也是我们全家的梦想!”

However, just two months after Bartomeu announced that he would not stand for election, the well-respected successor suddenly announced: Sorry, I abstained.


As for the reason for abandoning the election, Aldonnell was reluctant to disclose a word.


We only know that Bartomeu quickly promoted Rosad to vice chairman after he gave up his "inheritance rights", and he was responsible for the long-term vacancy and concurrently held competitive affairs by himself.


In this matter, there is clearly only one meaning-"Li Prince".


I put quotation marks on the "Li Prince", mainly because: as a membership club, the chairman of Barcelona is not hereditary, but members voted.


Therefore, Bartomeu cannot really appoint who will serve as the next Barcelona president. He can only elect a successor and take over the resources and supporters he has to participate in the 2021 general election.


Speaking of the general election, since it has no owners and is more like a non-profit organization, membership clubs have many advantages such as not requiring dividends, but they will inevitably lead to various internal struggles in the process of senior management.


In Real Madrid, "Lafayette" Florentino is really too successful and strong, and in recent years Calderon has made some waves. But in Barcelona...Looking through the history of the general election in the past 30 years, you will find that the plot is more tortuous than any palace drama.


Laporta, who created the dream two dream three, had teamed up with Cruyff to defeat Nunez, the founder of the dream one. Later, his confidant Russell split up and participated in the defection of Laporta in 2008. Later, Russell succeeded in taking the position, but he made a lot of trouble in the Neymar transfer case, until he was sent to prison. Then Bartomeu "accidentally" became Roselle's successor, and in 17 years was subjected to a large-scale impeachment led by Benettito.


Furthermore, this time the "collective reversal" led by Rosad.


Rosad said that there were two reasons for their collective resignation. One is dissatisfied with the structure of Barcelona's current management but unable to change it. Simply put, it is dissatisfied with Bartomeu. another,


The biggest difference between a membership club and an ordinary corporate system has already been said, that is, there is no owner. The chairman and other high-level managers are just managers of huge assets. This is the same as the managers of banks as small as bank employees and the managers of state machinery. Public property and private property must be strictly distinguished.


for example.


Juventus’s major shareholder is the EXOR Group of the Agnelli family. It had received a chest advertising sponsorship from Fiat’s New Holland excavator brand during the low period before it became Jeep. These are the mutual help between the various branches of the same group. If you need Juventus to pay back the favor of Fiat, no one will have any opinions.


But in a membership club, you can’t get too involved with the chairman’s own business, because he is just the chairman and not the boss.


When Real Madrid decided to refurbish the Bernabéu, there were rumors that Florentino's construction company would be the main contractor. Real Madrid officials immediately issued an announcement stating that Galeries Lafayette's company will never directly participate in the entire plan. The purpose is to avoid suspicion.


This time, Rosad’s biggest accusation against his former colleagues is that “someone in the club deleted their contracts with multiple companies to evade supervision and spent 1 million euros to buy 100,000 euros, which is obviously corruption." Whether these funds went into the pockets of related companies or individuals, Rosad believes that this must be a private pocket.


However, Bartomeu and his supporters consider these allegations to be false. They in turn accused that it was Rosad who said too many things that should not be said in front of the media that made the Barcelona executives and the club now a joke of public opinion.


Outsiders may never know who is telling the truth, or it may or may not be. We only know that in the various heartbreaking news and clarification news at Barcelona in the past few months, the suspicion between the high-level officials has grown bigger and bigger, until the final fallout.


In January of this year, Rosad was appointed by Bartomeu as Vice President of Barcelona. Subsequently, Messi angered Abidal for "pouring dirty water" and "black public relations" two major incidents.


In late February, Rosad and Aldonnell proposed at the board meeting that Bartomeu took the initiative to resign. This summer, the presidential election, which was originally scheduled for next year, was held in advance. Bartomeu rejected the proposal.

2月下旬,罗莎(Rosad)和阿尔多内尔(Aldonnell)在董事会会议上提议巴托姆乌主动辞职。今年夏天,原定于明年举行的总统选举提前举行。 Bartomeu拒绝了该提议。

At the end of March, the Barcelona players collectively issued a salary reduction statement and proposed that "someone within the club used public opinion to pressure us." Within a few days, Bartomeu informed Rosad and other directors that the club hoped that they would resign, otherwise they would lower their positions.


Then we saw the collective resignation of six senior executives, as well as the subsequent revelations and lawsuits.


The breaking speed is beyond people's imagination.


Is it because Rosad could not understand what Bartomeu did, and was unwilling to join forces? Political interests are probably not so simple. Many Spanish media believe that the starting point for Rosad's actions may be his unwillingness to become Bartomeu's "back-up man."


Why do you say that? You might as well imagine what the next Barcelona president will face when he takes over.


——Although Barcelona is the club with the highest revenue in the world, it is also the club with the highest salary and the highest cost. They have earned a lot in the past few years but spent more, and their net financial liabilities on the books are more than 200 million Euros than Real Madrid, which is relatively conservative in recent years. Of course, there is nothing wrong with this radical business style, and there is no economic crisis for the time being, but under the special circumstances of the epidemic, the impact is much greater than Real Madrid.


——The high-paying signings did not show their worth, and various scandals continued to break the news. Barca's high-level wind evaluation has almost dropped to the lowest in history. Whether it's Messi's fight back at Abidal, or the collective statement of salary cuts by the players, or even before every unsatisfactory game played by Barcelona, ​​#Bartomeu Out on social media will rush into hot searches.

-高薪签约没有显示出其价值,各种丑闻继续使这一消息成为新闻。巴萨的高层风力评估几乎降到了历史最低水平。无论是梅西在阿比达尔的反击,还是球员集体减薪的声明,甚至是在巴塞罗那踢出的每场不尽如人意的比赛之前,社交媒体上的#Bartomeu Out都会争相搜寻。

-Messi is likely to retire during the term of the next chairman. If Messi fails to win the Champions League again at his last peak, and the club fails to properly solve the succession problem (it makes a headache if you think about it), guess how many times louder the voice of scolding the top at that time than it is now?


Therefore, those who still have ideas about the position of the chairman of Barcelona, ​​no matter what they think, no one wants to speak for Bartomeu at this time.


For example, Barcelona's next chairman's current favorite Victor Wundt.


He has more than 20 years of management and entrepreneurial experience in the telecommunications and media circles, and his work location covers almost the world from Europe to Asia, Africa and Latin America. Later, he founded the investment company Delta Partners and personally served as the CEO, and his investment scope expanded to all walks of life.

他在电信和媒体领域拥有20多年的管理和创业经验,他的工作地点涵盖了从欧洲到亚洲,非洲和拉丁美洲的几乎整个世界。后来,他成立了投资公司Delta Partners,并亲自担任首席执行官,他的投资范围扩展到各行各业。

Although Wundt’s resume is excellent (it must be the case to run for Barcelona chairmanship, otherwise he can’t afford to pay a deposit), but the most impressive thing about him is that Barcelona fans are: this is the one who targets Bartomeu all the time. Spray.


He said that Barcelona has entered an economic crisis. The financial reports are all falsified. The high-priced signings rely on loans. Even Deloitte's data is not credible. He also quoted Laporta's famous saying "Real Madrid buy superstars, we make superstars" to complain about the high-priced signings these years, emphasizing that only La Masia is the future of Barcelona. This time Rosad and others resigned, and he immediately ran out and shouted: "Barca is bankrupt economically and morally!"


Wundt even posted a more than 100-page PDF in Catalan, which explained in detail that if he was elected, he would carry out thorough reforms on all levels of the club.


Although his remarks such as "Each fan spends 4 euros for the team, Barcelona will never be short of money" and other remarks are considered to be too idealistic, but this does not prevent him from being included in Harvey and Valdes. The support of most of the fans who are dissatisfied with Bartomeu.


Remember the winter window Bartomeu sent Abidal to Qatar to invite Harvey, but finally returned without success? Many media have interpreted Harvey's refusal to replace Valverde as he has determined to support Wundt.


Seize every opportunity to scold Bartomeu and Laporta. Although the former chairman has passed away in the hearts of Barcelona fans, he still has a very good personal relationship with the big players such as Messi in the team. Don't forget, it was he who boldly promoted Guardiola to be the first-team coach. What if next year's campaign chips are really Messi support + Guashuai's return?


The wall was pushed down by everyone, and the drum was beaten by thousands.


After Rosad resigned from his position as Vice President of Barcelona, ​​he still expressed to the media that he wanted to participate in next year's election. Perhaps for him, the positioning of "Bartomeu's betrayer" may attract more votes than "Bartomeu's successor". It is more important to leave aside the relationship with black public relations and other events than to inherit the status of the current high-level.


From Laporta, Roselle to Bartomeu, and then from Aldonnell, Wundt to Rosad, the world of political games, let alone who is good and who is bad, it is hard to say who is right and who is wrong. Some are just conflicts of interests, and they are united.


The wind in this palace wall has never stopped.


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